Testing and calibrating New Zealand's water meters to international standards
Meter Services is a New Zealand owned company specialising in water meters. Since it’s inception in 1994 Meter Services has provided high quality products and services to the New Zealand water industry.

New accredited testing laboratory
The Meter Services laboratory is the only water meter testing facility in New Zealand (as at January 2018) that is IANZ accredited to ISO 17025- for testing meters from 0.25 lpm to 6000 lpm. With the smallest weigh tank (100 ltr), scaled to 0.01kg, they are able to test meters with immense accuracy.
The Meter Services test facility has the capability to test a wide range of water meters, including positive displacement, woltman, multi-jet, electromagnetic ultrasonic, vortex or any meter that has a volume totaliser.

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Meter Services
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